Feedback on daily tasks

At the end of 2017 PwC made an effort in spreading the knowledge on great feedback behavior among their staff before their hectic season began. Their goal was to increase the frequency and the learning from their projects.

PwC wanted to host a series of kick-off events in selected departments which was meant to increase their focus on feedback. Feedwork's role was to support and challenge the project groups' thoughts and ideas on their feedback initiative and to bring keynote speeches at the kick-off events.

The main goal of the events was to inspire and present methods on how the staff could work with feedback in their daily jobs, so that feedback between colleagues would be used more frequently. The center of attention was to show the individual employee how they could increase their own motivation through the giving and receiving feedback.

Each of the events took 90 minutes. We offered the participants knowledge on the increased relevance of feedback and a couple of tools: 10 Essential Feedback Skills and Feedforward - as a non-confronting feedback method.  







Adjustive feedback on daily basis


At their yearly company seminar Ditmer A/S chose to focus on their ability to use adjustive feedback in their daily work in developing software.


The feedback training took form as an all-day workshop with participation from all employees to ensure that all members of the company knew how to approach feedback in the future. The 45 paraticipants delivered an active effort in different elements, examples of the content was delivery of feedback, generation of implementation measures and a discussion on how their different personality types prefer to receive feedback. The discussion of personal preferences included physical settings, time of the day, focus, emphasis of the feedback and much more. This discussion gave the teams the ability to increase the quality and outcome of their feedback sessions in the future due to more detailed considerations depending on which team member were subject to the specific feedback session.





Feedback in your leadership

JCI Denmark contacted Feedwork based on a wish of preparing their members to use effective feedback as a part of their leadership tools. This is relevant due to the increased demand of feedback from employees in all industries. 


 Twice a year JCI Denmark is hosting a masterclass weekend where the members immerse themselves in a subject relevant to the role as a leader. We planned a weekend workshop with JCI on the following theme: How to give and receive feedback as a leader. 

We divided the two days into two themes; respectively to give and receive feedback. Both days were formed by the large number of practical exercises where the participants had the possibility to test the different methods and frameworks. The upside of the practical exercises is that every individual build personal experiences with each of the tools. This is very important when talking about authenticity as a leader. The different feedback tools helped the participants to clarify and map their competencies and gaps. One of the main results were that the participants became aware of their own trigger points in the receiving of feedback. This will help the leaders to get a even greater output from the feedback they will receive in the future.


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