Training in feedback

Feedback is necessary for every member of an organisation, from the top director to the technician on the floor. Feedback is essential to thrive and develop both as a professional and on a personal level. Many people find it difficult to give the needed feedback to colleagues and leaders. We support organisations in educating their employees in effective feedback methods and tools, to secure that ongoing feedback will be a integrated part of your everyday communication.

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Coaching in organisations

What is coaching as a profession? We do understand, it might be confusing. Many people have opinions and different views on the concept of coaching. Our coaching education will enable you, as a leader, colleague or professional coach, to help other people achieve their goals. Coaching is a specific communication framework that uses certain questions and techniques to help the coachee reflect and find new possibilities in their life or career. Many of our course participants describe how the coaching education not only has given them new capabilities and skills, but has also changed the way they face challenges in their lives.

"“Coaching i organisationer” is an accredited course on the danish business academy in leadership of 10 ECTS point. The education consists of 8 modules over a periode of 3 months in a class with likeminded people that might turn into business connections or even friends.

Next class - Spring 2018 (this course is offered only in Danish)



Read more details on the study here: Bandura og Cervone, Stanford University, 1983

Objectives and execution

In both, elite sport and the military, there is a very determined approach to planning and reaching objectives. Thats because both worlds are deeply dependant on succesful missions and so are companies. We see very few organisations that train their employees to have a progressive attitude towards planning and reaching their goals. Both soldiers and athletes undergo this sort of training. People that understand how to reach their personal goals, will easily be able to translate that to organisational goals and milestones.

We offer your team the possibility to go through this structured programme. Download the program below and see how you in 12 weeks will have training in the most essential parts of succesfull goal settings. 

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