History of Feedwork

Morten Melby and Mikkel Norqvist are founders and feedback consultants at Feedwork who train teams in improving their relationships through feedback. Our job is to facilitate workshops and educational processes in both big and small danish companies. Through our background as Air Force officers, athletes in elitesport and certified business coaches we have felt the positive effects of healthy feedback cultures on our own bodies - thats why we strive to teach the skills to other people. In total our background gives us a solid practical experience with developing feedback cultures. From these practical experiences we got a love for the principle of training . As the Navy SEAL teams say: "Under pressure, you don't rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training". No body got really good at feedback without training their skills, exactly like nobody got good at running without hours of practice. Practical experience gives real competencies.

Air Force Officers
Our background as officers gives us a robust practical experience with feedback as a component in learning environments. The feedback culture in the Royal Danish Air Force is one of the main reasons that we have some of the most capable soldiers in the world.

Military Pentathlon Athletes
As athletes on the danish national team in military pentathlon we have seen the results of fully functional feedback cultures. The Danish athletes can, despite fewer economical resources, compete against full time employed professional athletes from other contries. The feedback culture of the team plays a central role in the athletes' results.

Certified Lecturers in Business Coaching 
As certified lecturers in business coaching on the danish business academy we have a solid knowledge on how to develop people in- and outside of organisations. The fundation of coaching rests on principles such as curiosity and open-mindedness, these elements are also key parts of performing feedback cultures.




Our Principles

Sustainable education

Our ambition is that the education we offer will be converted into practice with our customers. Our thumb of rule is therefore always “ Train the Trainer”.

3-step course

Another element in sustainable education is our Before-During-After model which/that is to ensure the best results and real competences after the course.

Activity based training

We believe that real competences are built through own experiences. Our theory and content therefore always contain training based exercises.