Why is the feedback culture of your organisation important?

Our 3 solutions

Training in feedback

This training focuses on how to use healthy feedback as a natural part of an everyday communication in your organisation. Methods, frameworks and knowledge that empowers the employee to feel safe when delivering and receiving feedback.

Business coaching 

Feedworks coaching education covers the curriculum for the academy subject "Coaching in organisations" on 10 ECTS points. This is just a small part of what you will learn on the education, which empowers you to conduct professional coaching sessions. 

Objectives and execution

Through this process your team will work with various crucial elements in succesfull goal setting. The keywords are: motivation, action plans, self knowledge, network and score boarding.


We have helped several organisations to build their feedback culture.

The team behind Feedwork


Morten Melby
Morten is a creative presenter with an eye for innovative solutions. When he does not teach he is responsible for our digital media and product development.


Mikkel Norqvist
Mikkel has a special feel for team dynamics, which he decodes in the blink of an eye. When he does not teach he spends his time in networking events and in dialogue with existing and potential customers. 


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